Our Process

Like a tiny seed blooming into a plant, great–intentional–design requires nurturing. We take the time to walk you through each step of the process, making it fun and easy along the way. Each project is unique, but here is the basic process you can expect when working with Bloom Creative.


You wouldn't pick a seed to plant without knowing what it needs to flourish. During our consultation we ask questions that help pinpoint the best communication tools to fulfill your marketing goals.


Your design should stand out. That's why we research your industry, competitors, and different artistic styles to ensure your unique branding speaks to your target audience.


Here's where your needs and our research come together. Creating your design is a wonderful mash-up of sifting through thousands of fonts, color combinations, and images while meticulously making sure everything is pixel-perfect.


Your opinion really does matter. Once your design is created, we will go over each detail with you to make sure we are on the right track and moving in the same creative direction.


Suddenly remember an important detail that needs to be included? No problem–change happens. Keep us in the loop and we'll make the necessary changes within project scope.


Your design is complete! But we don't stop there. Whether you need a digital file or finished prints, we deliver directly to your inbox and/or your front door. There is never a need for you to handle printing unless you want to.